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The One Million Dollar ProgramWhat is the key in making a million dollars?

It is really amazing — all you need to do is to begin holding the intention of having one million dollar; start today with whatever you already have (even $0 is perfectly ok).

Simply put, you need to have the right intention and let your subconscious mind work FOR you, not AGAINST you. Then The One Million Dollar Program uses the power of intention to manifest $1 million or any other amount you choose. By using simple but incredibly powerful techniques you will laser-focus your subconscious mind and your thoughts, enabling you to attract wealth easily right here in your everyday life, on your computer, from the comfort of your home.

You see, most likely you become a millionaire by getting reminded every day about your intention, and this is exactly what The One Million Dollar Program does for you. It takes care of you, reminds and “reprograms” you for wealth and keeps you on track.

Of course it tells you where you are right now, where your goal is and what steps you can go to reach your goal just in time. With The One Million Dollar Program you get more focused on money, how much of it already is in your life, how much more money you want, what the positive effects of having more money would be and how you can make more of it.

There’s really no downside other than investing some of your time each day. So give it a try, download, install and transform your life today.

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My Personal Quest of Finding One Million Men With a Dollar

If you think about a million dollars at one time, it is overwhelming. But if you take it little by little, piece by piece, it isn’t such a huge thing.

When I was a kid, my grandma told me this corny little joke. She use to tell it to me all of the time when I was growing up, and it is a joke that changed my life. But I didn’t really get it until I was 18 years old. So, I am going to tell the joke to you…

There was a very wealthy woman who lived in a beautiful mansion. She hired a maid to take care of the daily chores. Well, one day the wealthy woman walked through the door with a brand new mink coat on, and the maid asked her, “How did you get a beautiful coat like that?” To which the wealthy woman replied, “I found me a man with a million dollars.”

The maid was amazed by the wealthy woman’s good fortune, and came up with a plan of her own.

About a year later, it was the maid who came walking through the door with a mink coat on, and she handed the wealthy woman her letter of resignation. The wealthy woman asked her, “How did you get a beautiful coat like that?” To which the former maid replied, “I found me a million men with a dollar.”

This joke came back to me when I was eighteen years old, when I was telemarketing. And it hit me like a bolt of lightning, or what the bible would call a burning bush. If I could find a million people and sell them something for one dollarI would be a millionaire.

Or if I found 200,000 people and sold them something that made me a $5 dollar profitI would be a millionaire.

Or if I found 50,000 people and sold them something that made me a $20 dollar profitI would be a millionaire… and so on.

After I realized this, I immediately quit my job even though I was making very good money at the time and opened my first business. I saw a presentation from a friend of mine who was selling this vacuum cleaner called the “Rainbow” and I thought it was the most amazing machine ever. It cost about $1,000 dollars to the customer – but my commission was $200 dollars every time I sold one.

So, I created a formula about how many Rainbows I would have to sell in order to be a millionaire. So, 1,000,000 divided by 200 is 5,000, which means I would have to sell 5,000 Rainbows to become a millionaire.

That is a lot of vacuum cleaners, but here is what else I learned… if I opened my own office, trained a force of salespeople, I would also make $200 dollars every time one of my salespeople sold one, because I would own the office.

So, if 5 salespeople sold 5 vacuum cleaners a month, that would be 25 vacuum cleaners per month, and $200 dollars times 25 vacuum cleaner sales is $5,000 dollars per month. If I grew the force to 10 sales people… 20 sales people… 50 sales people… 100 sales people and so on… you can see where I am going with this.

But lugging around that vacuum door to door was a lot of hard work. Not only that, but if the customer didn’t buy it, you would have to clean it up, put it in the box again, and take it back home. It was truly a pain in the neck, even though the machine was awesome.

I got up to 2 recruits under me after about a month, and it was the first time in my life I made $1,000 in a week just off my sales alone. But I quit, because I got sick of it and it was a whole hell of a lot of work lugging that thing around all the time. Plus, vacuum cleaners are a luxury item, not a necessity.

My first business venture was not successful, but only because I didn’t stick with it. However, it was the first time I put my “million men with a dollar” theory to practice, even though it was meant as a joke.

I’ve sold magazines, home security systems, health insurance, ATM machines, and cars. I was either a telemarketer, or doing door to door sales. When I was a telemarketer, I worked for somebody else. But when I was on the field, I was self employed. But each venture I tried, I always applied the formula…

How many of these do I have to sell and how many people do I have to recruit to sell for me in order to make a million dollars?

Common sense tells you that if you sell a low ticket item like a magazine, you have to sell a very high volume of them to get rich. And the higher the items ticket, the quicker you can get to a million dollars.

So, let me ask you this…

What is the most high ticket purchase you can think of that a person can buy?

There is nothing in this world more valuable than real estate. There are some pieces of commercial real estate in New York City and Dubai, India that are literally worth billions of dollars. It is the highest ticket item you could EVER sell, with the exception of jet airplanes and some farm equipment

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How To Make One Million Dollars By Next Thursday

Everybody dreams about a million dollar deal. The overnight wealth type of deal. One simple idea that you gain the vision to follow through with. These happen every day, but unfortunately it is rarely done by ordinary people who would benefit from a deal like that. It’s usually made by professionals that know what they are doing.

The mind is an amazing piece of hardware and can deliver all sorts of amazing answers to the most difficult questions. Just like a computer, you start with a question you want an answer to, then you feed the mind the data it needs to formulate a quality and high probability of success answer.

Many would be happy with a million dollars in a few years even, but some are ambitious, and consider it a waste of effort for anything under a million dollars. One way to do a million dollar deal is to use other peoples equity.

The most likely answer to the question, “how do I make a million dollars by next Thursday” would look something like this. You would find an investment object of value. To invest one million dollars before you actually own one million dollars, you would need to deal in assets that are worth $5 to $10 million dollars. A residential water front mansion, a quality business, a small hotel down town, a luxury Yacht, it doesn’t matter what the investment is, because there are other much more important considerations.

The most important considerations are the numbers. Lets say we found a seller of a luxury Yacht who was quite urgent about finding a buyer. The Yacht is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and the asking price is $12 million dollars. You don’t have $12 million dollars, you don’t even have $1200 dollars in your bank account. But that is not important. If this seller gets his boat sold. If the new buyer you find to conclude the deal is filthy rich and not price sensitive, but rather utility sensitive (more on that in a moment) then it doesn’t matter that you are really poor, I assure you this is but a temporary condition.

Your first step, after inspecting the vessel and taking extensive digital pictures, is to assess the boats real intrinsic value. If you know nothing about boats, you may need to become an expert fast. Because you need to familiarize yourself with all possible features and understand the market quickly. The point of your research is to put a real price on the boat. A price you know will sell the boat.

You are after $1 million dollars, so that boat needs to have around 8% spare excess intrinsic value in it. In other words, you will need to find that equity somewhere. You can find it from the seller, by offering him $11 million for the vessel. Or you can get it from the buyer buy charging $13 million dollars for the boat, or you can do a combination of both to access that 8% million dollar profit.

Perhaps you can do some research on what the new buyer might need and supply that to give you the extra you need to profit. For example, the new buyer might not have even thought about mooring and maintenance, so you find a good quality marina and establish pricing for him and present it to him. This simple afternoon of work might be the tipping point that will seal the deal in the new buyers mind.

You need to understand the utility of the new buyer, the reasons why he wants to buy a luxury cruiser and what it would take for him to be happy with your deal. Then provide it as best you can.

Lets say you find a buyer and have made him satisfied and wants to go ahead with the purchase. Great. Now what. You don’t own the boat and it is quite illegal to sell something you don’t rightfully own. The only exception to this law, is in the stock market where you can short sell and “put” shares to people even though you don’t own the shares.

But here is the thing. If you gain commitment from that buyer and the million dollars is in the deal. If you approached a loan officer, I don’t think there would be a bank in the country that would not consider lending you the required capital for a short period of time because you have one million dollars in equity and you have the boat. They would independently value the boat and put your contract up as equity. The boat and the contract would serve as collateral under their lending procedures. It all depends on the strength of the commitment you gained from the buyer. If he signed a contract, that is a one million dollar piece of paper.

Once you have secured the funds, it is a simple matter of picking the boat up from the seller and delivering it to the buyer. His check goes directly to the lending bank, with the left over million deposited into your account. Im sure the lending bank would take a nice nibble on your million in the form of interest, but thats ok, their help was worth a million dollars to you. It takes knowledge and a little finesse. This is not above anybody…

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How to Make One Million Dollars – Regardless of the State of the Economy

There are many ways how to make one million dollars, regardless of the state of the economy. You could literally sell some product or information for $1 and find one million buyers. Or you could raise your price to $10 and find one hundred thousand buyers. If you really think about it, making a million dollars is really about finding a quality product and finding an economical way to mass produce it or market it to enough people as would be necessary to reach your goal.

If you could sell an item at a net profit of $1 each to 1,000,000 people, you would make $1,000,000.

Sell each item at…
$10 each to 100,000 people = $1,000,000.
$100 each to 10,000 people = $1,000,000.
$1000 each to 1,000 people = $1,000,000.
$10,000 each to 100 people = $1,000,000.
$100,000 each to 10 people = $1,000,000.

Pick your path. There are pros and cons to selling products at each level. The lower the price of each product, the more people you would have to sell it to, but the lower cost would mean that more people would be willing to buy it. The higher the price of the product, the fewer people you would have to sell it to, but the more targeted your pool of available customers would have to be, because fewer people would be able to afford or be willing to spend more money for your product.

Another thing to consider when understanding just how to make one million dollars are the costs associated with producing your product or service, and your advertising costs, and your employees. The more your expenses, the more products you would have to sell to reach the same goal. But at the same time, the more expensive your product is and the more employees you have working to create and sustain your product, the more quality output you have the leverage to create.

But did you know that there are many ways how to make one million dollars on your own, with no employees, no expenses, and no overhead? The most obvious way is to work at a full time job with benefits for forty years and put money away into a good-performing 401K. But I’m sure you would not be reading this article if that were the answer.

What I’m talking about is the leverage of the Internet. You can make one million dollars net profit in a relatively short period of time by running a business on the Internet. You do not need any employees. You do not need any inventory. You do not need to spend any money to get started either. Now, mind you, I said that you do not need any money to get started. But once you’ve made a decent profit, several hundred, or several thousand dollars, you would do well to reinvest some of your profits into your business to inject your business with a boost that will help you reach your one million dollar goal faster. But ultimately, you are still not spending any of your seed money.

Internet millionaires are popping up every day. It is not uncommon for the average joe next door, armed with a little bit of Internet knowledge and no real money of his own, to start up a business on a part-time basis and turn into a million-dollar venture within a few months or a few short years.

It’s time to recession-proof your income! Whether you’ve been recently laid off or you are looking to generate an alternate source of income in the midst of this economic downturn, Internet marketing continues to be a thriving, lucrative source of income for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families world-wide.

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